For over 50 years P&F Motorcycles sold Japanese and Harley parts strictly through a retail store, becoming one of the largest motorcycle salvage yards in the United States.

P&F Motorcycles is now predominantly involved in internet sales, specializing in discontinued, obsolete, and used motorcycle parts. We have changed the name under which we trade from P&F Motorcycles to Bike Parts Outlet to reflect this change. Through our eBay store and various other Internet marketplaces, such as Craig’s List Delaware, we have moved from serving a predominantly local customer base, within a 100-mile radius of Dover, DE, to catering to a national and at times international clientele.

Our emphasis is now on items that are either difficult to find, such as discontinued or obsolete items, or items that are still currently available and were purchased in bulk so that we are able to pass the savings on to our customers. We still welcome drop-in customers on a daily basis, but because our inventory is distributed in various warehouses at several locations, it is necessary to call beforehand and make an appointment so that we will be able to verify that we have the part you need and that it is accessible to you when you visit.